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Master of Arts in Philosophy,
Politics and Economics

 1 year full time 

The MA programme in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the core ideas and interconnectedness of these three disciplines. The programme emphasizes critical thinking, analytical skills, and interdisciplinary approaches to problem-solving. 

The PPE degree is interdisciplinary and integrated, giving students a unique perspective that allows them to analyze and understand complex issues from multiple angles, across a wide range of spheres and issues. Students will delve into complex ethical and political issues, economic systems, and philosophical theories, and learn how to apply these concepts to real-world situations, as practitioners and thinkers. 

The value of a PPE degree lies in its ability to prepare students for a wide range of career paths. Graduates of this programme will have a deep understanding of the complexities of public policy, economic systems, and philosophical theories, which is highly valued in a variety of sectors. The programme will prepare students for diverse career paths, including impact-driven finance, government, non-profits, journalism, public policy, and academia.

A feature of HKU’s MA in PPE that differentiates it from PPE programmes offered by other world-leading institutions, is that it emphasizes a comparative East-West perspective throughout the entire programme of courses, which equips students with the skills and knowledge to address the geo-political challenges both present and on the horizon, across local and global levels.  

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